Compaq EVO N610c funny pics

De-linting time

So many years, so much dust going through the fan...

Let's patiently clean that

15 year of dust look like this. Feeling like an archaeologist...

Did you say YEARS?

So, what's the oldest operating system I can run on the Compaq?

According to Wikipedia, PC-DOS 3.20 was the first PC operating system that was able to work with 3½ inch
720Kbyte floppies.
Here it is, running natively on the Compaq Evo N610c.

An operating system from 1986 running on a computer built in 2003, today, in 2019.

... And running a game from 1987

Where's Larry?

So, if I can go all the way back to 1987 what's the latest operating system I can run?
Well, I'm running linux kernel version 4.9.135, but I'm pretty sure I can just compile and install the latest one
without any problems...

But... This is a 32bit machine and all the nicest stuff is 64bits nowadays...
I cannot "properly" run any 64 bit operating system on it, right? RIGHT?

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